Flamboyant Feutsuki

Feutsuki's offical concept

Feutsuki is the main protagonist of Ignite, He's a black cat who wears a red jacket that is slightly burned at the bottom and a pair of matching boots. Feutsuki's age was estimated to be around 23 or so. Some see his eyes to be halfway open instead of all the way closed. 

Fire starterEdit

It seems that Feutsuki's world is often times based around fire. His way of getting into the world of his 'past' or 'revisiting his life' is through a giant fireplace that is in the middle of the quarantine room. The way that he returns back from the world is through his lighter. When changing effects, Feutsuki bursts into a short flame, transitioning to the specific effect. 


It is unclear what Feutsuki's background is or how he got into the quarantine. If there was any explination to what has happened, it lies in the events of Feutsuki's past. Ignite has a great amount of events that can be triggered by getting an effect or stumbling into a certain area. 


  • One Theory depicts that Feutsuki is addicted to smoking, shown in some fanart of the game. 
  • Feutsuki could be extremely schizophrenic. For one event has him go through a breakdown world.