coco's sprite

The Brown Cat (Coco)Edit

The Brown cat is a reappearing npc much like Chimera orThe White Cat . He wears a grey hoodie, one of the only npcs in Ignite to wear pants, has a single headphone in his ear and walks around with his paws usually in his pockets. Whenever you interact with Coco, he makes a small beeping noise. 

Hostility Edit

Coco is known for attacking Chimera and Feutsuki in seperate events. In the end playground event, Coco attacks Chimera while Feutsuki stands back and watches withought being able to help at all. In the Grey Mall event, Feutsuki stops Coco from attacking Chimera, instead he goes after Feutsuki.

Coco seems to carry around a golf club as a weapon.

Old concept of the brown cat.